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Peninsula Bird World
9 Bennetts Rd Mornington
Tel: 03 5975 0945
Fax: 03 5975 0832
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Peninsula Bird World- Bird Breeder
Peninsular Bird World- Suppliers

Suppliers and Breeders of Australian Exotic Parrots and Finch Melbourne & Peninsula

About Us

Peninsula Bird World is based in Morington, we supply a wide range of Australian Exotic Parrots and Finch to all parts of Melbourne and even have clients traveling from all over Australia to buy the highest quality of breeds.

We mainly breed and supply Australian Parrots and Finch, ranging from Cockatoos, Cockatiels, Love Birds, Rainbow Lorikeets, Gouldian Finch, Star Finch, Red Browed Finch just to name a few. We also have a wide range Pet Bird accessories such as Aviaries, Bird Books, Bird Foods/ Treats, Toys and Bird Cages. Our Bird Cages are of excellent quality and start at just $12.00. These are small and medium to suit Canaries, Budgies, Finch, small parrots and Cockatiels. A free seed bell supplied with a selection of medium sized cages.


In the Parrots and cockatoos of Australia we have the highest development of this species. It is therefore not surprising that Australia is called Land of Parrots. When it is realised that this great country has no less than fifty-four species, of the worlds 370 species, with possibly more yet to be discovered. The most spectacular, fascinating and interesting have been kept by aviculturists for many years, and are sought after for their brilliant plumage colouration, ability to adapt, their extroverted behavior and their ability to imitate human speech.

Please Contact Pam or John

Phone: 03 5975 0945

Fax: 03 5975 0832

Address: 9 Bennetts Road Mornington Victoria

We are situated in Mornington Victoria, approxamatly 9km South West of Frankston. The Mornington Peninsula is just over an hour's drive from Melbourne. Surrounding suburbs include: Mount Eliza, Mount Martha, Dromana, Hastings, Tuerong, Moorooduc, Somerville & Frankton.


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